Products – Just official pharmacy brands 

We sell just pharmacy grade products produced by real pharmaceutical companies. All of the products pass quality control. Steroids come in factory sealed packages just like other medicines that you can buy from your local pharmacy store.  We ship orders from Asia and Europe from countries where such products can be purchased in every legal pharmacy store. So we act more like dropshippers than real producers. 

Why some of our products are more expensive than our competitors offer?

Like we said we deal with regular legal pharmacies that work under government regulations. We do not sell oils mixed in washing basins or tabs printed in garage. We believe that your health is something that you should not risk. If you want to save few dollars/euro and take a chance with home-made products then you are welcome to buy from others. They do not care about quality and will demand you to pay via money transfers or bitcoins. This way you will not be able to recover your money if you get fake or do not get order at all.

How can you check that we sell original steroids and not home-made products?

All our steroids are factory sealed and this is not possible to arrange at home. Secondly, we sell products both in vials and ampoules – while garage labs sell just vials (they are easy to be counterfeit). Third, reputable producers like Alpha Pharma offer ability to check authenticity of the product on special site. You can always use product code from package and check that it’s authentic.

Credit Card Payments 

Unlike other steroids providers we do not ask you to send us money via bitcoins or other non-secure payment methods like Western Union or Money Gram. 

Off course if you want we can accept such transfer from you (and you will even get discount from us if you pay this way). This will allow you to stay absolutely anonymous all the way during shopping process. 

But since there is a lot of fraud nowadays online (people get fake products, non-effective products, or do not get anything at all) we offer our customers 100% secure credit card payments. So you can be sure that you will get what you ordered and exactly what you want.  

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Delivery and Warranties 

Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days after approved payment. Tracking codes are provided and package can be traced online on USPS or other official shipping site. 

Delivery time to USA & UK & Any country in Europe is 5-15 business days.

If you find any of our product arrived unsealed or damaged please send us video file of unpacking. This will allow us to claim products price from shipping company. 

If in a rare chance package is stopped on custom you need to send us picture of seizure letter. We offer one free reshipping or 50% refund of your payment in this case. 

More about Shipping and Delivery

Sales and promotions 

Our major discount of 15% is offered if you choose to pay via any crypto currency like bitcoins. In order to be able to get it you need to request unique wallet ID for your payment and enjoy additional discount and free products with your order. 

We offer 5% discount to second time customers. 

A lifetime 10% discount is provided to customers who order for a total more than $1000 from us. 

Plus we have some products on 20% sale every week. Usually these are the most popular products for past week. 

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